Hello. We are Lazy Eight.



Firstly, an ode' to the giants.

“No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it's not the same river and he's not the same man.” ― Heraclitus. Hence, prior to proceeding we felt that it was appropriate to pay homage to the shoulders of the giants we stand on. Our writeup on the history of creative agencies.



What will the Creative Agency of the future look like?

With a core set of Founding Principles, we decided to ask ourselves this particular question as we began our journey on May 15, 2016. Would the agency of the future embrace or shield itself from technology? Would it empower the new age knowledge worker with freedom, flexibility and a future proof work culture? Would it still rely on “gut” or finally give data the reigns to make decisions? Following is our journey in respecting yet questioning the legacy of this industry and asking ourselves what the creative agency of the future should look like.



The Lazy Eight Principal.

Our team consists of a  network of senior, award-winning, right brain thinkers; we call them Principals. We are a flat organisation that is top heavy by design. We strongly believe in technology and its inherent ability to connect us, share ideas and experiences. This allows our Principals to provide our clients with global perspectives that are across the spectrum.



The Lazy Eight Engagement Model

We do not believe in pyramid client engagement structures. At Lazy Eight a typical client engagement team is led by an Engagement Principal and a Lead Principal, supported by other Principals as required. Our average client engagement team is between 3-5 Principals. We believe in small nimble teams, our clients prefer them as well.




We believe in efficiency through smart automation and AI.  At Lazy Eight we have built our own automated decision model called 8. This system has helped us not only automate most of our operational tasks but it also allows us to collect, assess and report data. This level of operational efficiency and automation has enabled us to reduce overheads to a level that this industry has never seen.



The Lazy Eight Hour

Traditional creative agencies have numerous pricing models. We decided to create our own, an honest and simple unit to measure true work, we call it the Lazy Eight Hour. We use a proprietary set of tools developed in-house that helps us measure actual execution work done by our Principals. This level of granularity allows us to generate highly accurate estimates for new clients (from comparable historical data) and also provide our current clients with a new level of real-time transparency when it comes to reporting live engagements.


Over 200 brands around the world love us.

We have worked with large brands as well as promising new startups. We are size, vertical and client-location agnostic. Some of our clients are: Uber, Hyperloop-One, Adidas, Reliance Jio, Sabyasachi, etc.



Sans Cubicle

We are proudly a fully remote agency. We have operational and sales presence in New Delhi,  New York and Nairobi.  

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