We love this quote by  Daniel Pink. Our mission at Lazy Eight Design has been to identify these new key holders in India and better enable them by building a new type of Creative Agency for them.

Below we breakdown what a Principal is, how we are different, our application process and answer some frequently asked questions. (If you would like to jump straight to the New Principal Application Form, please click here)


What is a Lazy Eight Design Principal?


The typical creative agency has a pyramid structure (some Partners at the top, ECDs, CDs, Junior Creatives, Account Managers, etc). At Lazy Eight Design we are a completely flat organisation. All our team members are Principals - i.e., some of the best creative minds in India.

Following are our current roles at Lazy Eight Design:

  • Branding Principals
  • Print Principals
  • Packaging Principals
  • Illustration Principals
  • UI/UX Principals
  • Interaction Principals
  • Animation Principals
  • Copy Principals
  • Photography / Film Principals
  • Spatial Experience Design Principals



How is Lazy Eight Design Different?

This quote by Naval best defines what a Lazy Eight Principal is - an SME (Subject Matter Expert) who trains, sprints, then rests and reassesses.

Lazy Eight Design is a vertical exploration into the future of work in India by Lazy Eight Group. Lazy Eight Group's mission is to rethink work in India using technology, data, AI and some of the best SMEs in India. The foundation lies in the Nordic Philosophy of Flexible Working. We believe this model is one of the most forward thinking models in this space and will become the way we look at work in the near future for highly skilled individuals. Following are key elements to our model:

1) Happiness through work-life balance

First and foremost, we use technology to build a work environment that promotes work-life balance - a lifestyle, where one can do what they love, get compensated transparently / fairly and then enjoy all the other "non-work" related things in life.

2) Fully Remote

Lazy Eight Design is a fully remote company. Our Principals are allowed to work from wherever they feel most inspired. We internally call this program "Sans-cubicle".

Some of our Principals working – #Sanscubicle

3)  Our "Pascal's law for productivity"

Studies have shown that creative-focussed work for more than 4.5 hours / day starts resulting in diminishing returns. At Lazy Eight Design we didn't want to fight this; as a Principal you are limited to 60-80 Lazy Eight hours per month.

4) Transparent & Automated Compensation

We have an extremely transparent way to compensate our Principals. It's simply 30% of the Lazy Eight Hour billed (not including performance based bonus hours and other benefits). This is significantly higher than the industry average.

The Lazy Eight Hour is an interesting currency for time that we have built in-house. The Lazy Eight Hour helps us and our clients measure "true work". We do this using an internal AI bot we have developed called 8 (Aath). The Lazy Eight Hour rate is dynamically calculated every month based on data (Principal utility, PPP etc). So, if the hourly price goes up, our Principals reap the benefits proportionately and vice versa.

5) Profit Sharing

Founders / Partners at most agencies get a piece of the pie, not the rest of the team. In our case since everyone is a Principal, everyone gets their piece. We do this through a fund we call the Sloth fund. The Sloth fund gives our Principals a quarterly disbursement of: 1). Profits and 2). Carry from our Infinity fund based on the Lazy Eight Hour input relative to all Principals in the company.


What is the application process?


We have a simple, "Darwanistic" philosophy of hiring new Principals. Following are the steps.


a) Click here and fill out an application.


b) Your application gets added to our hiring channel where current Principals vote based on your Application.


c) If you are selected, we reach out and bring you on as a Pilot Principal.


d) As a Pilot Principal we staff you on 1-2 small, low beta projects (typically non-client related work). This lasts about 4-6 weeks and you can complete these remotely. These projects allow us to gauge fit, style and your ability to deliver at the standards we at Lazy Eight Design are known for. It also gives you the chance to see if Lazy Eight Design is a good fit for you. Over the course of your projects during the pilot period you are paid 50% of a normal Principal's hourly rate (we value your time as we do ours, even if it's for an interview process).


e) During this period we measure Pilot Principals on: Quality of work, timely delivery and level of engagement with our team of Principals. If everything works out, we then bring you on as a Principal.


f) As an applicant the following is What we don't care about: Your college, your degree, your past employers, your "design" awards, your sex, sexual orientation or where you are geographically located.



What is the average experience you are looking for in a Principal?

5 years +


Is this a full-time opportunity or part-time?

We leave this decision completely up to the Principal. We currently have Principals that are full-time as well as some who are part-time.


Can a Principal work on other freelance projects on the side?

Yes. As long as there isn't any competitive misalignment with an engagement the Principal is currently staffed on. All our Principals have to sign strict NDAs prior to coming onboard.


What is the average compensation I can expect?

Currently (as of June, 2019) a Lazy Eight Principal averaging 60 Lazy Eight Hours per month is making: INR 12.69 Lac /year (pre-tax). A Lazy Eight Principal averaging 80 Lazy Eight Hours per month is making INR 16.92 Lac / year (pre-tax).  

A few things to note:

1). The calculation above assumes a monthly average using our Lazy Eight Hourly rate from June 2019. Our monthly rates change every month based on data, ie. a monthly increase of 0.5% would proportionately increase Principal compensation and vice versa.

2). The calculation does not include the quarterly Sloth Fund disbursement.

3). As a comparison, below are the current national (Indian) averages for senior designers working 190–230 hours per month (from an office, with no profit sharing).

Source: Glassdoor 
Source: Glassdoor 

Does Lazy Eight Design have an internship program?

Unfortunately, we currently don't have one.


Do I have to come and work from an office?

We are fully remote. But if you would like to go into an office type setting, we have partnered up with a number of co-working spaces around India. We call them hammocks.


Who founded the company and when?

Lazy Eight Group was founded by a small team from Khoob in 2016 as an exploration into the future of work in India.


Where is the main office?

New Delhi, India


Where can I follow you guys on Social Media?

Instagram , Facebook, Twitter


How can I apply?

Simply click here.