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"The creative agency rethunk"

At Lazy Eight Design we are rethinking the creative agency and the future of work with the help of technology, data and some of the brightest creative and engineering minds in India, our Principals. Our mission is to better enable the brands of tomorrow through design and streamlined, transparent processes. Below we answer commonly asked questions by potential clients.  (If you would like to jump straight to our Become a Client Form / Estimator please click here ).


Who are your clients?


Since our founding in 2016 we have worked with over 250 brands, across 5 continents (as of June, 2019). They range from large brands to promising early stage startups. We are geography, vertical and size agnostic. Following are some of the brands we have had the pleasure to call our clients:


What services do you specialise in?


  • Brand / Product Strategy and Positioning
  • Naming and Branding
  • Illustration / Print Design
  • Packaging  Design
  • UI/UX  Design
  • Interaction Design
  • Animation Design
  • Copy / Content Design
  • Photography / Film
  • Development (Frontend / Backend / Mobile Application (iOS, Android)
  • Marketing / PR / Social Media /Roll-out Strategy


What makes you different?


Best way to explain this would be to take you through the sample process for a company, let us call them Acme Inc.

a). Acme Inc. come to our website and fills out our Estimator.

b). Our system then generates an estimate based on data collected from similar clients in the past (based on their brief and vertical). The idea of this estimate is to give Acme Inc. a general idea of how we would tackle the brief at hand, deliverables, cost and timing based on similar comparable clients in the past. The reason we do this is because we value your time as much as we do ours, hence instead of spending a few weeks on an initial estimate, we generate this one instantly and then revise it based on your followup call with a Planner Principal. Below is what Acme Inc's initial estimate would look like:

Sample Estimate for Acme Inc.
Sample Estimate for Acme Inc.

c). Once the estimate is sent, we schedule a call with Acme Inc, where a Planner Principal takes them through the estimate and better understands the task and brief at hand, the company, the landscape, vision forward, etc (we sign a digital mutual NDA prior). After the call a manually revised estimate (final estimate) is shared that takes into account additions or subtractions from the scope by our Planner (typically this is within the range of the delta).

d). Let's assume Acme Inc. is happy with the final estimate and decides to move forward with us. Our formalities are simple: Signing of a digital contract and processing of Invoice 1 for the first 80 Lazy Eight hours (40 hours credit, 40 hours reserve - applied to the last invoice). This process takes about 2-3 business days and then we are ready to staff and kick-off.

e). Acme Inc is assigned an Engagement Principal (project manager) who becomes the POC for Acme Inc. The Engagement Principal completes the initial on-boarding process (Project Planner, Slack invites, Milestone calendar invites, Dropbox Asset folder share, etc) and sets up the Kick-off call.

f). Staffing is done as per our Planning Principal (brief, aesthetics, etc). Typically the execution team will consist of about 3-4 Principals. We keep our teams small by design. As we proceed through the engagement, if other Principals are required, we loop them in accordingly.

g). Execution begins after the Kick-off call. A weekly report of our Project Planner and Invoice Planner is sent to the client every Monday, highlighting progress. The report looks like the following:

Sample weekly report for Acme Inc.
Sample weekly report for Acme Inc.

h). Our billing occurs automatically. Once the initial 40 hour credit is up, our system automatically invoices the client for another 40 hours (we bill in blocks of 40 hours at the monthly rate of the Lazy Eight Hour). At the end of the engagement if there are any hours left in the account the client is either refunded / or can use them for another project.


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Other FAQs.



What is the Lazy Eight Hour?

The Lazy Eight Hour is an interesting currency for time that we have built in-house. The Lazy Eight Hour helps us and our clients measure "true work". We do this using an internal AI bot we have developed called 8 (Aath). The Lazy Eight Hourly rate is dynamically determined every month based on data - Principal Utility, Pipeline, PPP etc (Our monthly hourly rate upswing is capped at 0.25%).


I am a startup, do you guys take equity for services?

We have started a small fund to better enable startups. We call it the Lazy Eight Infinity Fund. The aim with the fund is to identify founders working on the "new, new", and better enable them with some of the best creative and engineering minds in India, in exchange for a small amount of equity. To learn more about our fund and the application process please click here.


What happens if I don't like the work?

We hope this never happens. But there is always the possibility that the creative energies / visions do not align. In this case we have a very simple eject clause. You simply have to message your Engagement Principal that you would like to end the engagement. The Engagement Principal notifies our system and no Principal can run hours moving forward. All hours billed, will remain billed. All completed work prior to stoppage will be sent to you. Any remaining hours in the account will be refunded back to you within 10 business days.  


This is neat, can I apply to be a Principal?

Of course! You can learn about what a Principal at Lazy Eight Design is and our application process by clicking here.


I still have a question that wasn't covered here.

Feel free to shoot us an email at:

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